Student Enrollment


Admission to Embassy College is governed by procedures developed by the Academic Team. The prospective student is assessed according to academic background, personal testimony for the Lord Jesus Christ and a sincere desire to study the Scriptures. If the applicant meets the required standards in these areas, he/she is admitted to the school.  

Applicants for admission are considered without regard to sex, race, National or ethnic origin, or handicap. 

1. Application Review

Review the Student Enrollment Guide to get oriented with the enrollment process. 

2. Application Submission

Open the online student application and complete it. There is a one-time, $25.00 non-refundable application fee for all new students. The online form includes a payment gateway (Paypal).  

3. Application Approval

The Academic Team reviews all applicants for submission. Once approved, new students receive an email confirmation with directions and weblinks to create an Embassy College account. Normal processing time is two business days.

4. Course Enrollments

Students with an approved application and an Embassy College account may enroll in the classes of their choice. Let the journey begin!