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Why Embassy College?

Flexible Quality Education

Flexible Quality Education

Flexible Quality Education


Experience our innovative learning system based on the World Wide Web, enabling you to study at your own personal convenience and pace of instruction. Beautifully presented, our courses are available to our students 24/7, in perpetuity.  

700+ Hours of Instruction

Flexible Quality Education

Flexible Quality Education


Choose your courses from our growing faculty of professors teaching over eighty courses. Courses are two to ten hours in length. New courses added quarterly.

Earn Diplomas and Degrees

Flexible Quality Education

Earn Diplomas and Degrees


Earn certificates, diplomas and degrees in Theological Studies from Embassy College. We offer a full seven-year curriculum through the Doctoral degree.

Advanced Standing

Bible Centered Instruction

Earn Diplomas and Degrees


Progress more rapidly toward a degree by transferring your already completed college studies and ministry life experiences into Embassy College.

Solo or Group Studies

Bible Centered Instruction

Bible Centered Instruction


Take courses as a "Solo" student or in a group of students in one of our certified "Training Centers" based in churches, ministries and businesses.

Bible Centered Instruction

Bible Centered Instruction

Bible Centered Instruction


Our courses apply the wisdom and the power of the Scriptures to all areas of life: church, family, government, education, media, arts and entertainment, and business.



Dr. C. Peter Wagner

Dr. Cottle's experience, learning, integrity, and creativity combine to make a compelling case and life changing experience in everything that he writes and teaches. 

Apostolic Ambassador, Global Spheres


Dr. Dale Bronner

A teacher of teachers, Dr. Ron Cottle has greatly impacted my life.  A primary source of my Biblical education, he has  been a significant contributor to the success of my  teaching and preaching. 

Word of Faith Church


Dr. Joseph Mattera

Dr. Ron Cottle is one of the great minds and leaders in the world today. His academic scholarship combined with years of experience make him an expert in ministry practice – especially in regards to the Apostolic movement.

US Coalition of Apostolic Leaders


Dr. John Kelly

Dr. Ron Cottle is an apostolic pioneer and patriarch, not only in the education of ministers, but also in the understanding and knowledge regarding the exercise and development of the gift of an apostle. 

International Coalition of Apostolic Leaders

A Citadel of Faith

I desire that others who follow will not have to plow again the ground I have plowed, but will reap a harvest of knowledge and insight, wisdom and understanding which will project them to new and greater levels of success, revelation, and effectiveness in God’s Kingdom. I honestly desire this legacy to remain as a citadel of faith.

Legacy for me is a compilation of more than a half century of dedicated service to God and His people. It is the passing on of the teachings, the tools, and the treasures to those who will be Kingdom leaders for many years to come. I have labored in the Lord as a servant of the Lord and I sincerely believe that my legacy will continue for generations, should the Lord tarry.

Dr. Ron Cottle, Legacy Matters