A Word About Authorization


Dr. Ron Cottle, President

Embassy College is not recognized by the United States Department of Education nor is it seeking to be recognized. Dr. Cottle’s work as a Christian Educator is known around the world and he has a reputation for excellence in all that he does. Embassy College captures the best of that work and then blends it into a curriculum by using the peer level work of other teachers and leaders in the Body of Christ. 

If one’s purpose in seeking education is for a related field within Christian ministry and Kingdom influence, secular accreditation is usually not necessary nor required. Most Christian churches and ministries recognize credible Christian education regardless of formal accreditation.

Dr. Cottle founded Beacon University in Columbus, Georgia. A former President of the Assemblies of God Graduate School and President of Christian Life School of Theology, Dr. Cottle has a lifetime of training and educating tens of thousands of students, church leaders, and marketplace leaders around the world. The Embassy College proudly proclaims itself as a trusted source for excellent Christian education in the 21st century.

Embassy College Authorization





Embassy College offers biblically related training courses and degrees that are not transferable as academic degree programs to colleges and universities accredited by agencies recognized by the United State Department of Education (USDE) or the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA). 





Embassy College has received a Letter of Exemption from Certification issued by the Arkansas Department of Higher Education to offer church-related programs/courses and grant church-related certificates, diplomas, and degrees.